sprinkles birthday party

We opted to let our kiddos have "friend" birthday parties every other year, on the EVEN birthday's. Since Sadee turned FOUR this year, that meant a real birthday party. I can't remember exactly what Sadee requested, but we ended up with sort of two ideas of a party - 1) sprinkles and 2) fairies. We rolled with it. The invitation + food were all sprinkles themed, while the activities + craft were all fairy themed.
My goal this time around was to make a beautiful, homemade, picture-worthy cake. I almost, almost spent the $50+ and purchased a gorgeous cake from a bakery... but, no... I ended up purchasing my favorite cake pans from William Sonoma on sale! Hooray for buying favorite things on sale. Then, I did a little more research and found a couple of secrets that worked perfectly. So, while you may not think twice about these cake pictures, I can't help but swoon over that tiny accomplishment. Ya know, so there's that.

Food consisted of chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles + chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles + frosted animal crackers + vanilla cupcakes + milk. It was glorious and simple and tasted pretty spectacular. And while I attempted the homemade cake... the cupcakes were purchased via The Sweet Tooth Fairy, because cupcakes just aren't my thing.

Finally, the activity that Sadee did with her friends and little brother was making fairy gardens. First off, fairy gardens aren't cheap. Nope, on the contrary in fact. Quite expensive. It was totally worth it. The girls painted their little fairy houses, put dirt and plants in their little pots, watered their plants and adorned the gardens with sparkly rocks, extra flowers and rock ladybugs. They turned out darling and all 5 little girls stayed 96.5% entertained. Little brother, on the other hand, stayed 100% entertained.

Here's to birthday parties and moving on from toddler years and onto official childhood. Oh how I'll miss these years!


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