A Very Merry Unbirthday

We threw a surprise "birthday" party for my brother today and we TOTALLY pulled it off. Keeping secrets from 12-year-old brothers is kind of tricky, you know? But alas, we did it! The thing is that it's not actually his birthday, see... his birthday is in November, and he never gets sunny birthday parties. Mom decided to throw him a half-brithday party so he could have a pool party. And then, it transformed into a SURPRISE half-birthday party.

Teenage boys (or almost teenage boys) are quite hilarious. Did you know that? They jump off the diving boards about a trillion times and play games with half-filled water bottles and yell random sayings when they do cool stuff. They also play Pokemon Go and stare at cell phones and eat a lot too. It's hilarious. 

They're also good at carrying blocks of ice and throwing them into pools. Funny story, we had to do that today. The pool we swam at ended up being around 100 degrees, aka hot tub temperature. It was suggested that we buy ice blocks and throw them in to the pool to cool it down. 10 ice blocks later and the pool was down to 98 degrees. I've always wondered if a pool could feel too warm and today I learned that it can be too warm - but, it was still perfect. Soooooo perfect and fun!

Here's to the happiest unbirthday to my little bro, he's one of the coolest cats around!

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