One of the things I recently realized I've been missing out on with my poor blogging habits (although we're trying to improve over here) have been the funny little daily snippets of our life. That's the one thing I appreciate sooooo much from "mommy" blogs or lifestyle blogs is the real, authentic version of someone's life. And even though I'm in the middle of doing a re-brand on my blog to support a platform for a touch more realness over here, it's never too late or early to start.

While scrolling through a few images, I came across this gem from last week. A picture that shows our evenings on a pretty regular basis. The raised hearth of our fireplace makes a perfect stage for little bodies. Almost every night before bed, these munchkins request a dance party. They hop up on the hearth and groove through a couple of songs. They giggle and squeal and perform. Sometimes they push each other off. Sometimes they cry if they bonk their head. But it never lasts too long before the dancing resumes. Sadee is really into EDM music and has some serious musical bones in her body. Cameron too. And the poses, oh how lovely they are! Mom & dad are invited to dance along sometimes, but usually are told to sit down after a minute or so.

This is what I want to remember from my time as a young mom and what I hope they remember too. The dancing. The happiness. We have too many frustrated moments here (especially when it's time to turn the music off and start bedtime), but hopefully all of that can be overshadowed by sweet giggles and majestic dance posing.

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