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We have reached a new era in our life (for the time being) that allows us to be relatively free of baby "necessities". This means that we can head out the door with a couple of diapers and wipes to toss in the car and be on our way. It's glorious! That also means packing the diaper bags (yes, plural) up in storage because they are officially too big and unrealistic to lug around. That sentimental part of me wants to cry a little, but the freedom of where we are in life dries up every tear.

Truth is, I'm still a mom - which means I'm also required to be a garbage can, laundry basket and vending machine when on the go. Which also means diaper bags have come in handy when wrappers, socks & shoes or snacks and an endless variety of other things need to be held. Since packing away the diaper bags, I've been on the hunt for something smaller with less pockets, yet still functional and affordable. I'm still very undecided about how large or small I want to go with said bag - but here's a little round up of some regular bags that may function well with just a few diapers, a handful of snacks and a travel size bottle of sunscreen.

And let's not forget to mention that it's July.... JULLLLYYYY! Summer speeds by wayyyy to quickly, don't ya think?

Here's to kids growing and lives speeding by!
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