Happy Pioneer Day!

"Those marvelous Saints who embraced this great work and shared it in lands far and near, who gave with all their heart, mind, and strength to the Lord with wisdom and vision so clear, now stand as examples of virtue and faith, of souls prepared to hear, of knowledge sure, born of humble heart, and love that banished fear.

With faith in every footstep, we follow Christ, the Lord, and filled with hope through his pure love, we sign with one accord."

This song was sung in church today and it was powerful. When I was younger, I remember feeling like the pioneers had it hard - because they did. That the pain and suffering they endured on a daily basis trumped the trials and burdens that I'd ever have to endure. Truth is, the battles we face are tough. Once I was told that those pioneers wouldn't trade their trials for our trials and I believe that to be true, but the opposite is also true - we wouldn't trade our trials for their trials either. We've been placed in our specific times through the wisdom and direction of our Heavenly Father. Their battles were physical. Our battles are spiritual. They woke up and walked across the plains. We wake up and fight the battle against distraction. Both are hard. I'm grateful for the knowledge of the pioneer's sacrifices because they strengthen me. They help remind me that I'm strong enough, brave enough, willing enough to endure to the end because the reward will be worth it.

Happy Pioneer Day! 

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