We've had a long month or so attempting to get life back to normal. It's funny how busy schedules can take away a lot of peace and calm from life, even if it's the good kind of busy. Amidst all the good chaos, I had a really hard time mom-ing. Too many moments where anxiety caught up with me and my kiddos struggled because of those silly reactions.

The other day, I realized how much I'd been missing my camera. Taking pictures of my sweet babes has always helped me notice the little moments. After my shower, I wrapped up in my purple robe and walked into this sweet little scene - legos + momma's bed. These two kiddos get a long pretty well, but not always when they're in the same space as the other or when legos are involved. This particular morning was a turn around for us. The light poured through the bedroom window, everyone was snuggled in their pajama's, there was no where in particular to be... just us, the legos and a camera. It was happiness. Those moments of happiness truly breathe hope to the soul, in every form!

Here's to happiness, hope and mom-ing in all it's glorious imperfectness.
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