through her eyes

We spend our time waiting for these little babies to grow up and develop personalities, wondering about what they will love and enjoy. And amidst all those tantrums and fights about mealtime, you wonder if you'll ever breakthrough to share moments with your kids.

The other day, Sadee asked to take pictures with my camera. This had never happened before nor did I know how to answer. On one hand, the camera costs money and allowing her to carry it around the house seemed scary. On the other hand, she genuinely wanted to learn. How could I say no to that? Over my head came the strap and slowly it hugged the back of her neck. I showed her where the shutter release button was. Her finger could barely reach the tiny silver button. She practiced a couple of shots, then wandered around the house the rest of the afternoon taking pictures of anything and everything she could.

These are her pictures, the way she sees life at a whopping 40.5 inches. Isn't it interesting and lovely and sweet? And I think what's the most interesting and sweet is how she posed her baby doll and took "kitchen" pictures of her dishes. Sometimes we think these little munchkins aren't watching us, yet they do. They see how we act and move and talk. It felt like this tiny breakthrough where her interests and my interest collided. I got to teach her. She got to share. And it was good.

Here's to remembering our efforts in this world!

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