Ward Campout

We live in one of the single greatest neighborhoods of all time - a place that consists of some of the most generous humans that know how to give, give, give. Every year, our entire ward (aka church congregation) gets to head up Provo canyon for the weekend and spend a little QT time together. We eat delicious food, play games, watch movies and talk the night away... or at least until it's time for the babies to sleep. Everyone is invited to bring tents and camp under the trees over night. This year was our very first year, in (nearly) SEVEN years, that we opted to actually bring a tent and stay the night. Sadee has been begging to have a "campout" in the backyard and this seemed like a 100% better option for us all around.

The joyful anticipation that radiated off of Sadee was tangible. She was sooooooo excited! And the best part, for her, was one of her best friends was able to stay the night with us in our tent. She had requested this earlier in the week and it worked out almost too perfectly. After eating dinner and loading up on rice krispie treats, Sadee spent the rest of her night on the mini zipline and watching a movie on the grass. Cameron played in a small castle bounce house for approximately 3 hours, alternating his attention with a soccer ball. 

After the sun went down and the movie ended, we loaded up 3 kids into the tent, dressed them in their PJs and snuggled them down for the night while reading The BFG (this is our first time reading a chapter book together with Sadee). The girls snuggled and Cam insisted on laying directly on top of me for the next hour, but eventually the all dozed off to dreamland. The night eventually quieted down after the teenagers headed off to bed. While I can't be totally confident in my desire to sleep in a tent again, I am confident that people must have secrets for sleeping comfortably on the ground. I must learn these secrets. AJ and I rotated waking up periodically throughout the night (mostly me) to howling coyotes or friends headed for nighttime potty breaks or freezing little munchkins. But, in the morning, when the sun lit up the tent Sadee promptly sat up and brightly said, "That was GREAT, wasn't it!" 

We loaded up on breakfast, pulled on our suits and hit the giant water slide, slash slip-in-slide. Sadee went down consistently the full afternoon and Cameron went down once, then spent his afternoon on our mat eating snacks and bubblegum. That slide though. It rocks our socks off (and a little skin too). This year we even tried a giant tube which added tons more fun and way less injuries. The best part of the whole afternoon was knowing how much fun the kids were having and how it's something they get to look forward to every single year - the friendships, the memories.

Here's to great weekends!

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