On Sunday afternoon, I asked my family to hop in the car and take a drive through the canyon. The leaves are starting to speckle the mountains in color. Summer always comes to a close far quicker than we like - but, breathing in the fall air is renewing. Especially when mixed with the smell of pine and dirt.

When I was a little girl, I remember driving in my dad's t-top Camero through the canyon. We listened to 90's rock while my feet hung out the window. In that moment, it felt like everything was close to perfect. There was nothing more that I wanted on Sunday than wanting to have that feeling back in my soul - carefree, relaxed, calm. We piled in, strapped the kids up and drove, with the windows down for almost an hour. And it helped. It helped us all. Sadee asked a million and a half questions. Cam fell asleep halfway through the drive, he was sooooooo tired. Momma got in a 20 minute nap. Dad-man drove and drove.

Here's to long drives and fall air!

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