Friday Favorites | House Portrait

For today's Friday Favorites post, I thought I'd share my most favorite thing I've purchased as of late. That would be this portrait of our house by galladoodle. Not too long ago I started brainstorming ideas on how to make this space of mine a little more me and through the process, I started thinking about the strong ties and feelings I have to our new home. With that idea I came across something new - house portraits! The next several weeks were spent buying watercolors and even architectural markers to make one for myself, but it wasn't turning out. 

As I started searching to hire someone for this project, all that was coming up were $180+ shops on Etsy. That was discouraging since this blog really is just for me and since I don't make money here, it seemed silly to spend money for this free journal space. However, the idea of using our house as the foundation for blog rebrand wouldn't leave, so I kept trying to create our own portrait again, to no avail. Luckily, a friend found a house portrait deal on Brickyard Buffalo for only $45. It was perfect! Kim from galladoodle was easy to work with and even though she had tons of orders, her turnover was incredibly quick. She emailed me a copy and mailed the original, which is now sitting on our mantle. 

Not only am I excited to share my new blog space soon, soon, soon! I'm also excited to have this little doodle of our first home. We've loved creating memories here and making it our own!

Happy Friday, folks!

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