St. George Vacation

We've been waiting ALL summer long to get away as a family and we finally made it to southern Utah for the week. To be honest, we've been wanting to hit up St. George for longer than a weekend for maybe 2+ years, so it was a big, fat deal that we were able to swing it. Hallelujah!

There were a couple of items on our "must-do" list, but mostly we wanted to swim the week away. Technically, we didn't get to do lots of that in St. George because the pool ended up being closed for 2 days - but alas, we made the best of it. We kicked off the week by doing a little swimming. It was super sunny and super warm, aka perfection. There is a HUGE part of me that really, really wants to move somewhere where our family can swim every day, all year long. Or at least most of the year.
The next day was hot, hot, hot so we headed over to the Children's Museum. Our kids LOVED it! Cam had been once when he was about 6 months old, so we were interested to see what he would be drawn to. He loved the kitchen area, the basketball room (obvi) and the car with the pretend drill to fix the tires. Sadee still loves the market, the dress up stage & recording room and the music room. It's incredibly interesting how different every child is and how different their interests are. Oh how parenting has taught me just that - differences are so great and teach us sooooo much. After the kids finished playing, we stepped outside to play in the splash pad & river at Town Square. It's the greatest. Cam spent the whole time sitting on rocks, playing with his car. Sadee made friends instantly and spent the entire time playing tag.
On the last full day before heading to Vegas, we drove to Glitter Mountain. It's pretty tricky to find, but ended up being a perfect little hideaway where the kids could dig in the dirt. Glitter Mountain is an old Gypsum mine and it quite remarkable to see all the white glitter gypsum hiding underneath the bright red rock. It seemed a little creepy driving out to the middle of nowhere, but when we showed up there was another family there digging around. We forgot buckets to collect rocks, but the other mom had extra buckets for our kids. Isn't that just the best? Not only was it fun having another family to meet and it helped us not feel creeped out being alone out there. For directions, click here.
Those red desert hills definitely do something for me. Can all the earth just be covered in them? All. The. Dirt. And every time we come home, I think that a piece of my heart stays there. Luckily this trip we got to drive out to Vegas for the weekend. But still, bless those red hills and that scorching heat and sunshine. It's a little piece of heaven!

Here's to week long family vacations and red desert hills!

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