Oh hey, folks! We're still here. Just on a well needed vacation. My husband goes back to school next week and I'm kind of dreading it - how has summer gone by so quickly? Also, I'm pretty sure that Sadee starts school the very next week, however I refuse to jump on that be-a-responsible-mom wagon just yet. Definitely not ready to go back, yet we welcome the structure and organization that it brings.

Another reason for my absence is I've been working on "hobbies" - yes, hobbies. Did you know that mom's are allowed to have those? Right now we are sitting on our back porch in St. George with storm clouds all around and it feels like a little piece of heaven, you know... just sitting here, working on a project and basking in what feels like fall weather for southern Utah.

We're headed for Vegas tomorrow and I'm hoping it livens up this mini vacay. It's been fun thus far, but we've run into some weird hiccups along the way, mostly involving 2 closed pools, going to the Children's Museum on the "member's only" day and needing to take our car in to fix the A/C. I've also been battling some serious headaches that are really crashing my party - but headaches have been a daily part of my life since who knows how long (no, I'm not pregnant - in case my grandma is reading this). Vacations definitely bring a lot of relaxation, but also take just an ounce more effort in the brain department (or at least for me). Couple of pills later and 40 ounces of water seem to be doing the trick there.

Here's to soaking in the last days of summer 2016!

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