Viva Las Vegas

After spending 4 days in St. George, we drove down to Las Vegas for the weekend. A friend of mine recommended staying at Mandalay Bay because of their wave pool and beach. The rates for that weekend were fantastic, so we jumped on the opportunity. Vegas is so sparkly and bright and glamorous to me (even if deep down it's totally not). The kids felt the same way. Our room was on the 28th floor and had the single greatest view of The Strip. We could see all the way down the street, plus the tram was just below and the airport was to our right - aka Cam was in HEAVEN! They would press their faces up against our huge floor-to-ceiling window and watch the train and planes for the longest time.

We started out by walking over to the M&M Factory and also discovered the Coca-Cola Factory - which was GLORIOUS! I'm definitely not a huge soda drinker, but Coke is among one of my favorite sodas and everything was red and sparkly. We kicked back with some slurpies and an ice cold Coke out of a glass bottle. I also browsed around to find the cutest sparkly magnets and snagged one silver Diet Coke magnet and one red regular Coke magnet - one for my sister and one for me.... sort of like BFF necklaces via glitter magnet form. While the M&M Factory was underwhelming (even for the kiddos) we discovered the Hershey store across the street. It was awesome sauce! As you can tell AJ was rather excited about the giant Hershey Kiss and York Peppermint + the extra long Licorice.
The rest of the time we spent sitting by the pool. Mandalay has a great sand beach and 3 other large pools. Cam was afraid of the wave pool, even in the little kid section, but managed. Sadee is a fish - she flops around in the water until her eyes are beet red. I was able to get a little reading in by the pool. Cam likes to sit on the side of the pool next to me. He also likes to throw tantrums, so "tanning" and relaxing poolside looks a little like the picture below - a tiny boy, eating snacks and mildly crying at my feet. It's a good view. 
Funny story about the picture on the right - When we went to the pool the previous day, there were a couple of ladies taking pictures by the Elephant fountain. The lady posing did something fairly similar to what Sadee decided to do in the photo. Apparently it stuck and she thought this pose would be perfect. It kind of is, don't you think?
Along with the warmest weather and pool, we also ate our hearts out. For some reason, I decided that we should walk down to Sprinkles Cupcakes to try their Cupcake ATM. It was HOTTTTT!!!!! We walked a very long way and were tired, plus the cupcakes were mehhh.... they were okay. We aren't necessarily the biggest cupcake fans in the world, but we made it to the Bellagio water show and grabbed dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Cesaer's Palace. Yumma!
 ^^ This carpet, keyhole mirror and gold elevators had me all heart eyes the whole weekend. I'm determined to find a rug like this for my house.
And with that, we ended our family vacation (with that and a little poop fiasco, thanks Cam). It was fun and warm and happy! 

Here's to spending quality time together!

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