In 2015 we bought our first house. It was a big, fat miracle and beautiful answer to many, many prayers. The house is old, built in 1961, and was (and is) in mostly original condition. We refinished a few things on the interior and still have loads to do, especially on the exterior. Our roof is partially falling apart and my poor garden is well... a sad excuse for a garden really. Yet, this little brick house of ours is a mini dream come true and no matter how much it seems to be falling apart, we love it - we'll fix it and improve it. This house represents the life we are living now, the place we are raising our family, working hard, chasing our dreams and finding happiness.

More than anything, I wanted this space to represent what we are doing here and now too. It's a good time and one I'm working on embracing more fully. My goal is to be transparent, as I believe that social media needs a touch more of that. A place where we can find hope in the normal, peace in the day-to-day and relish in the essence of our imperfections. Life isn’t just about the silver linings or “brighter things”. It’s about the nitty-gritty, the things that make us grow and learn and become better.

The transition from Brighter Things to Our Brick House will probably be more evident as I lean away from focusing on just the "brighter things" and focus more on our every day life. It's easy to be very black-and-white in a social media world, to show the good OR the bad - but not necessarily both. Most days are probably spent somewhere in the middle, the "grey" area and I'm pretty sure that's where we find the most happiness - the days where we accomplish a lot, but also let the little things slide, the days where we are passionate about what matters most and accept that we can't do it all. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what my life could have been or what it will be, but what I want to remember is THIS moment. This moment in life where I'm learning to balance who I am. No one truly has it all together, but we can try to share that real, tangible version of our lives that's grey, messy and unorganized because it's incredibly beautiful.

Welcome to Our Brick House via this blog - a place filled with metaphorical fingerprints, crumbs and unmade beds but has laughter, joy and happiness too. I hope you feel at home, we're glad to share our life with you!

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