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Alright people, I've gone and done something totally crazy! Take a look... it's me doing "fashion" posts... I mean, how has this happened?! Recently the concept of capsule wardrobes started popping up everywhere, which sounds like a train I could really jump on. A wardrobe of basic essentials + neutrals is totally my thing. But, every now and then, you come across a piece you just NEED and it fits somewhere in the realm between unrealistic & what-am-I-going-to-actually-wear-this-with. Cue this crop top that was purchased on sale AND in my size.

Here's the deal - when I bought this shirt, I also bought a dress to go with it. See, how is a mom of two going to pull off wearing a crop trop? The first few times this shirt was worn, it was worn with said blue dress and nothing else. Then it occurred to me that maybe this shirt could have other possibilities. Say hello to 4 Ways to Style - a place that combines capsule wardrobes and those killer must-have statement pieces that you can't resist.

For September we'll be featuring this crop top from Shop Stevie. I'll be showing off 4 ways to style this gem with a few of my favorite capsule wardrobe pieces. And just bear with me as we try to make this whole styling + fashion + fashion photography. It's a work in progress.
Top | Shop Stevie (no longer available)
Joggers | Gap (similar here)
Sandals | Birkenstock

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