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Happiest Wednesday, peeps! I'm excited to share my second ever fashion post (and a tiny bit terrified). For September, I'm featuring this Pom Pom Crop Top from Shop Stevie. I've always been interested in purchased a crop top to wear over dresses, especially those darn sleeveless dresses. Crop Tops (or half shirts) can really change the look of a dress and it's been fun to try new ways to pair this with other outfits.

Here I've paired the top with a pencil skirt that is pulled up high. Wearing skirts and dresses is kind of my life source, so it was fun to wear this skirt differently than I'm normally comfortable. This skirt is really great because it's longer, so when pulling it up high, it still comes to my knees. Gotta love a good long skirt! These shoes were purchased fooooorever ago, but I liked the look of an ankle strap to kind of dress it down a little. idk, what do you think?

Something that is really important to me when it comes to fashion (especially since I'm a mom and work part-time) is I like to wear things that can be comfortable at the park with my kids + nice enough to transition over to work. It's all about decreasing laundry, man! This Pom Pom top really helps in that department. Plus, PLUS... you could even get away with wearing the same dress 2 days in a row. Once without the crop top and once with the crop top. No one would ever know!

Skirt | Agnes & Dora
Shoes | Forever Young

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