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*This new series of Hangouts is brought to you via my vacationing and exploring. We love visiting new places + taking our kiddos on adventures. Hangouts will be a portion of Eats & Hangouts where we share our favorite places to eat and hangout, anywhere we go.

One of our newest favorite hangouts is Kanarraville Falls. We recently heard all about this hike and wanted to try it out, although were nervous about taking our kids. When we went to St. George for our annual Labor Day trip, our group of 22 people (kids included) decided to do this hike. With plenty of hands to help, we knew that we would be just fine.

When we got to the base of the trail, the sign said "Level: Difficult" which made me a tiny but nervous considering we forgot the ErgoBaby for our 2-year-old. Yes, the hike was difficult in some regard, yet so manageable since you could go at your own pace or turn around whenever you needed to. The scenery is absolutely stunning! The higher up you climb, the more red the mountains get. The trees are gorgeously green and the water is clear as can be. Even with our group of over twenty people, everyone hiked at their own pace which made it very enjoyable. Sadee stayed at the front with the bigger kids, while my husband and I stayed towards the back with Cam. We switched off carrying him since he couldn't walk in the water and could slip easily.

Here are some things to know:
  1. Only your feet get wet, so you don't have to worry about getting soaked - unless you decide to slide down rocks into deeper parts of the river.
  2. The water is cold, which makes your feet feel a little numb at times. Not too bad though. Go during the summer or early fall so you don't freeze!
  3. If you're hiking with children, bring snacks and water. We hiked to just before the second waterfall and it took us 3 hours round-trip. Our 4-year-old hiked the whole thing and it took them 6 hours round-trip.
  4. Bring a hiking back-pack or baby wrap for little kids. It's hard for them to walk through the water, so they will need to be carried.
  5. Don't be afraid to bring a nice camera. We only got our feet wet and I regretted not taking it with me. 
  6. Hiking down is much more difficult than hiking up. If you hike with young kids, you'll want to plan on taking more time getting out of the canyon.

We'll definitely be going again sometime! Even if we end up hiking to the first waterfall and playing in the water for a while, it's a great time!

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