Happiest Labor Day!

Happiest Labor day, peeps! We returned home this evening from another trip to the red desert hills of St. George. This was our annual friends & fam trip that include our closest friends that are basically family + our actual, blood family. With 22 total humans, it makes for quite the party! We always start out by going to the Tuacahn to see one of the plays - this year we saw Peter Pan. It was cute, funny, well-performed and perfect for the kiddos. Our family of four ended up getting there about 15 minutes late due to traffic and Cam asked to go home at "half time" because he thought it was the end. Sadee and I enjoyed the rest of the evening together with our group, sharing Milk Duds and Skittles. It was a gooooooood night plus, the temperature was quite wonderful!
The next morning we woke up early to drive up to Kanarraville and hike Kanarraville Falls. We had heard mixed reviews in regards to level of difficulty, but were excited and prepared to take it as slow as needed. It was a GORGEOUS hike, but also a killer great experience. Sadee did fabulous and hiked in the front with all the big kids. She thinks she's 13. We stayed in the back, taking it slow with Cam. Even though Dad carried him most of the way, he enjoyed the hike a lot up until a little slip into the river left him drenched in icy cold water. We turned around then and left Sadee with the other adults and her bestest friends to continue hiking.
Sunday was spent relaxing, which was soooooo needed after a late night at the Tuacahn and an early morning hike the prior two days. We took my sister and her husband to Even Steven's, a sandwich shop we love. Forty-five minutes and a few Dr. Pepper's later, we drove over to Town Square to soak in a few more hours of that St. George sunshine. The kids played in the little river again, this time fully clothed. Kids will play no matter what and I love that about them. No reservations. Just play. That evening we met up with our group of peeps and ate the tastiest dinner of Carne Asada tacos, homemade rice & beans and chocolate cake with ice cream. The kids played outside until the sun had long since gone to bed and the adults laughed and chatted a good part of the night. It's one of those nights where you go home knowing you'll feel that late night in the morning, but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

We're home now, with our car unloaded, tummies filled with the last snow cone of the year and football on the television. If that doesn't say goodbye Summer, I'm not sure what will. I'm going to try with allllll my might to welcome Autumn with a full heart and open arms, but man - it's always hard to close the chapter on another Summer. 

Here's to the good - good people, good food, good vacations, good friends, good everything!

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