Most Wonderful Weekend

Happy, happy Monday friends! I'm excited to start a new week, but also sad to have a super fabulous weekend behind me. We've been maxed out for the last 4 weeks and have had little time to slow down and settle into the school year. It's been back-to-back soccer, school, homework, work, scrambling to get food and rarely making it to bed on time. This past weekend, momma (aka me) got to escape for 2 full days for 2 different events and both provided much needed healing in different ways. It was hard to leave my family since this was happening right after I'd spent TONS of time at the accounting firm I work for and would miss a soccer game, but regardless, knew that missing out on 2 full days of being spiritually, emotionally and physically fed would be a bigger regret.

The weekend started out at our annual Relief Society Retreat. We spend the night up at Sundance with the women from our ward. We ate our hearts out with the most delicious food and dessert + chocolate galoure. Then we were spiritually fed and learned how to endure our trials. We laughed and cried and laughed some more as we shared our hearts with one another. Then we sat on the gorgeous green velvet couches and chatted for hours while eating endless snacks. Bedtime came around 1:30am. In the morning, we woke to hike Stewart Falls. The air was crisp and clean. The leaves were vibrant and beautiful. Even though we took a wrong turn on the way back it felt good to hike (which we don't do nearly enough).

After driving home to shower and pack again, I picked up my very best friends of 12+ years and drove up for pedicures and dinner in Salt Lake. The celebration was a mini GNO Bachelorette Party for our newest bride. We ate dinner at Ichiban Sushi, which was soooooooo delicious! We browsed through engagement pictures that melted our hearts because PERFECT doesn't even begin to explain these photos of our gorgeous friend and her fiance. We laughed over the best presents and drank way too much (water, of course!). Hilariously enough, we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house where we were almost bursting from said water consumption and had to drive 20 minutes to pick up the keys from another friends husband. Talk about memories! Once we finally made it into the house, we played games, told stories, laughed way too much and stayed up until 4am (thanks to a touch of caffeine and some milk duds) because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Friends like these are hard to come by and man alive am I grateful for those humans!

Here's to the bestest of friends, both old and new!

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