Sweet, Sweet Peaches

Yesterday evening our neighborhood had our annual Peaches on the Porch. We all get together to chat, play and eat ice cream with peaches. "Oh, that's my favorite day of my whole life!" as Sadee so accurately put it. It really does make the perfect night! The cool fall air, gathered with our favorite people, the mountains covered in red and all the kids laughing and playing for hours.

Last week my husband and I cleaned out our closet & dressers (aka I was on a rampage to declutter and made said husband participate, bless him). We filled 6+ bags with clothes and tossed them into storage. While at Peaches on the Porch, I mentioned to my sweetest young women that I had a bunch of clothes they could look at and they immediately wanted to come sort through everything. After eating peaches and playing games, the girls came over and poured out piles of clothes & shoes on the fire-orange shag carpet. They left with their arms loaded and cleared out about 5 of those bags.

Being filled with peaches & ice cream + watching those girls walk away happy just made for a really, really great night! 

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