Friday Favs | White Shirts for Fall

Is there anyone else that hasn't the hardest time finding perfect white shirts?? Every summer, I promise myself to only buy blouses - no t-shirts... you know, to keep my summer wardrobe stylish. Never happens, those t-shirts (especially white) always find their way into my closet. Then come fall, my closet has been taken over by said t-shirts and I'm on the hunt for girly white blouses to pair with jeans and cardigans.
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Say hello to my favorite 6 white shirts for fall! The versatility of a white shirt + it's ability to transition for every season always has me swooning and yet, I still always grab the black one on the shelf... dang it! Each of these needs to make their way into my closet asap! These top 6 shirts also come from my top favorite shops - so take that Friday, it's a double whammy!

Happy Friday!

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