Guilty Pleasure

Just the other night, a good friend of mine and I had the best, long, soul-warming chat. The kind the leaves you mildly breathless because some mini, inner battle was won over heartfelt honesty about yourself. We discussed stress, joy and what makes us consistently happy through the ups and downs of marriage, family, motherhood, life. And so I've been pondering, what makes me consistently happy.

Today we did a lot of my favorite things. Low key things, being the middle of the week and all. But regardless, some of my favorite things. Like...

Watching cartoons for 2 hours. With my kids. In our PJs.

Tidying up the house.

Testing out new pickles with neighbors.

Spending time outside. Even briefly.

Grabbing lunch on-the-go.

Easy day at work.

An evening with my young women.

Eating cookies.

Getting the kids to bed on time. Clean and happy.

Playing cards.

Watching movies.

Eating Milk Duds. Always eating milk duds.

These however, do not provide consistent happiness. Happiness, yes. Consistent, no. And when I look over my day to find the windows of pure joy, it's when my mind is clear, calm, focused on my blessings - having the ability to look beyond the appearance of chaos and see what truly, clearly matters. Connecting with others brings me joy. Especially my children. It sure is tricky to focus on them with that mountain of responsibilities, to-do's and distractions. And yet they are the exact reason that the list of guilty pleasures become lasting memories. The people. My people. How hard it is to wake up daily to constant demands that never end and yet, being needed by my people is the very thing that brings me joy. The irony of that thought process. I think the true quest is finding that source of joy and then constantly reminding yourself of it. Whether that reminder comes through heart-to-heart chats or boxes of Milk Duds & Dr. Peppers, just remember. Daily. Remember your happiness. And create it over and over again.

Here's to all good things!

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