McCrary Family Pictures

My gratitude for friends who let me practice my photography skills on them will never end. No matter how well you know your camera, nothing replaces practice, practice, practice! And more practice. This is the second shoot I've been able to do with the McCrary's. We always get suuuuuper lucky with weather - aka the day before it snows or drenches the earth in rain. The goal here was warm, sunny, spring looking pictures in the heart of fall. Tayler killed it in the color coordination + the trees were still green as can be and the lighting was PERFECTION! 

Kid you not, this shoot makes me truly reconsider my decision on not pursuing photography as a career - not because of MY skill, but because of outcome, the possibility of achieving another's goal, the opportunity to harness light. It's artistic, scientific, creative and analytical. Photography pushes all of my limits. Anyway, anyway...

Feast your eyes - are they not the cutest family ever? Little H was obsessed, OBSESSED with the bugs on the ground. He hardly looked at the camera, because hello, bugs... everywhere. And P was so patient with sitting on the ground and getting her beautiful sparkly dress a little dirty. They were both in love with the deer that made their home at the end of our orchard row. Pointer fingers all around. It was a good morning.

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