New York

In t-minus 4 days, I'll be on a plane to New York City - a place I've dreamed of before anything else. I'm convinced that 99% of this trip (or at least the plane ride) will be spent sobbing out of pure excitement. How does one adequately prepare for such an anticipated trip? The last month has been spent researching, planning and organizing + putting together a few New York illustrations.... because why not? Might as well obsess to overcompensate the anticipation.

One of my first projects was the Guggenheim, because hello! It's the Guggenheim - one of the most architecturally unique buildings in the world. And man alive was I crazy to choose this gem as among the FIRST architectural buildings to illustrate!!! Circles and curves and cylinders are NOT the easiest to create, but heyyyy-ooo it turned out alright. Most of the thanks goes to the Illustrator 210 class from Atly, bless those classes + Alma Loveland! It may call for a redo in the future, but I'm claiming it for now and can't wait to meet this white, curvilinear beauty in person.

Here's to surviving 4 more days of anticipation!
And also, happiest Halloween little skeletons & witches - get yo' trick or treatin' on!

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