What's New Witch U?

Peeps, we're still alive over here. Currently we're sitting in our living room watching Blacklist, drinking Sodalicious and it's 9:30pm. There's so much irresponsibility involved in drinking caffeine after 7:00pm, but some days it's gotta happen. Earlier this week we officially put up our Halloween decorations. It's a darn good thing that winter holds the majority of the holidays. Gives us something to look forward to during the long, cold months. Halloween is super fun and festive, we need to crank out our Halloween movies this week and if anyone finds a life-size skeleton anywhere - let me know! I need one, stat!

In other news, S has been at it again with the camera. Her view of life is wonderful. All these gems here are little glimpses into her world. Maybe for Christmas she needs a camera, do they make kid friendly camera's? Looks like momma needs to add another item to her to-do list: Find daughter a camera for Christmas. Actually two things - Christmas shopping in general. Man, Halloween - let's just enjoy that while it's here. Am I right?

Can we also talk about how PUNNY I think the title of this post is - What's new witch you? Witch. October. Halloween. Okay, okay.... you get it. But I'm still giggling!

Happiest Friday, folks!

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