Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We always find ourselves having a pretty regular day on Thanksgiving. This morning we cleaned like it was Saturday before venturing over to my mom's for lunch or dinner.... or whatever that mid-afternoon feast is considered. We ate the normal food. Had the normal pie. That's what makes the holiday's so great, don't ya think? The normalcy and consistency of it all. Every year it's the same, which is comforting. 

Pie pretty much holds my whole heart this time of year. That and the turkey shaped butter my mom bought this year. I'm a pumpkin pie gal - warmed and topped with whipped cream. Anyone else out there that does the warm pumpkin pie? It seems I'm usually the only one that does that around these parts. It's soul-warming goodness for me. I'm pretty sure I could buy a pumpkin pie from Costco every week and eat the whole thing myself.

I'm incredibly thankful to be with my family today - they are my favorite humans. They bring me  an immense amount of joy!

Here's to food, family, friends and fun!

PS the picture I'm using isn't from our family dinner. However, I discovered (while finding an image for this post) that I deleted ALL of my November & December 2015 pictures WITHOUT backing them up. We're talking all of last Thanksgiving, our Florida trip and last Christmas gone. Zip. Nada. Poof. I'm sooooooooo sad!!! But, feeling uber thankful for this blog right now and the little snippets I do share, especially of our Florida trip + Christmas last year. Feeling thankful I shared those bits of our life. Phew.... deep breathing is in full force right now.

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