Welcome to New York

It's official, this song by T-Swizzle has been on repeat in my head allllll day. "Welcome to New York!" It's been a day, filled with lots of people and sitting and free soda and snacks, sleeping next to perfect strangers and taking hideous selfies. Let me tell ya, it's a different world out here - not that I expected anything different, but honestly didn't know what to expect. So let's talk about a few things I've learned today.

Chicago is much busier than Salt Lake. No surprise.
Don't' wander around aimlessly in an airport. You'll get run over.
People talk quickly and are in a hurry. You better be on your A game when ordering food.
Even the airport runway's get congested. Not just the roads.
New Yorkers follow zero rules while driving. Literally ZERO!
It's best not to look around when in a car - you feel like death is just around the corner.
Walking at night in Queens is not actually as scary as you may think.
When you feel overwhelmed, you look overwhelmed and people feel bad for you.
Wearing tiger pants makes you stand out. Oops. Don't wear tiger pants.
People are pretty nice, even total strangers. We've asked for help twice so far.
Order food fast, talk fast, move fast. Fast, fast, fast. And don't get lost while you're at it.

The most successful part of the day was catching our first flight on time, scheduling an Uber and surviving the drive to our apartment (which is just the cutest BTW). And so, I'm in New York - for the first time ever, ever, ever and I'm scared (LITERALLY) out of my mind. But I rely heavily on the fact that before I dreamed of anything - I dreamed of New York.... here.... this city... where I'm at. It's new and terrifying and exciting all in the same breath.

Here's to crossing our fingers, pray a lot and figuring out the subway tomorrow!
Bless our hearts.

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